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Self-Centering Habits and Practices Offers…

Provides a checklist for daily essentials, ensuring nothing vital is overlooked in their self-care routine.

Trigger Identification and Intentions

It offers daily affirmations and encourages individuals to cultivate discipline in their self-care and accountability practices.

Affirmations and Discipline

Helps users monitor and understand their moods, fostering emotional awareness and personal growth.

Mood Tracking

Provides a checklist for daily essentials, ensuring nothing vital is overlooked in their self-care routine.

Everyday Essentials Checklist

Client Success Stories

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"Jessica and her remarkable journal guided me out of a dark place. After losing my mom and sister, I felt lost. Six months of her coaching and the journal's wisdom helped me understand myself and find inner peace. She inspired me to rediscover myself. I encourage everyone to take a leap of faith with her; you'll find a brighter outlook on life."

—  M. Irusta

"I reached out to Self-Centered after ending a long-time friendship. Jessica played a pivotal role in helping me navigate the grieving process, allowing me to embrace my emotions and engage in meaningful exercises that encouraged self-reflection and personal accountability. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking healing and support after experiencing a significant life event."


Your healing journey begins here, where you will be equipped with the essential tools for lasting transformation.

I've personally navigated a journey of self-discovery and learned the tools to build confidence through life's ups and downs. But I'm here to offer you a shortcut to this empowering transformation. My mission is to share these valuable insights with as many individuals as possible. By engaging with my free journal excerpt, you take the first step toward becoming a more confident version of yourself. 

You don’t have to wait any longer. Join me in embracing a brighter, more self-assured future today!

Board Certified Life Coach, and I too, had to equip myself to heal.

I’m Jessica Williams


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